The Award and Certificate qualifications

These comprise of 8 modules divided into 3 units:

  • Unit 1 – Local government Customer Communication.
  • Unit 2 – Excellence in local government Customer Service.
  • Unit 3 – Understanding relationships, responsibilities and conflict management in local government customer service.

To achieve either level candidates must successfully complete the learning in all 3 units and gain 70% or more in 3 online Unit assessments.

The Professional Development Award (PDA)

This level comprises of 4 mandatory units:

  • Unit 1 – Implementing Best Practice in Customer Complaint Handling in a Public Sector Organisation
  • Unit 2 – Applying the Principles of Customer Service within the Public Sector
  • Unit 3 – Promoting Excellent Customer Service Within a Public Sector Organisation
  • Unit 4 – Graded Unit

For Units 1, 2 and 3 candidates will complete online e-workbooks, which will then be assessed online, by an experienced independent assessor.

Unit 4 - Graded Unit

Unit 4 will involve the completion of an agreed customer service project. The assessment is split into 3 specific areas, with a maximum number of marks available in each area, as follows:

  • Planning – 20%
  • Development – 40%
  • Evaluation – 40%

Each area must be successfully completed before moving onto the next.

On successful completion of all areas your assessor will grade your project A, B or C, based on your overall scores across the 3 areas.

A=70%+    B=60%-69%    C=50%-59%

What are the costs?

Award level £250
Certificate level£250
PDA level£650

Is there funding available?

Candidates at Award and Certificate level may be eligible for Individual Learning Account (ILA) support of up to £200 towards the cost of the qualification.

Scottish Credit Qualification Framework (SCQF)

The following SCQF credit points are awarded for the successful completion of each level:

Award9 Points
Certificate9 Points
PDA32 Points

It may be possible to transfer SCQF credit points to other learning programmes to ensure that a learner does not have to repeat any learning they have already undertaken