Customer Service Professional qualifications have been developed by a consortium of Scottish councils, led by The Improvement Service and Renfrewshire Council.

As well as being aimed at existing employees, these qualifications will help to attract high calibre individuals to your organisation and reinforce the value of working in Scottish local government as a career that recognises professionalism in the work place.

Making the Customer Service Professional Qualifications available within your organisation ensures that you are protecting your most valued assets - your staff!

Subjects covered are appropriate to local government staff primarily working or dealing with the public, in areas such as:

  • Contact centres
  • Call centres
  • Reception areas
  • One stop shops
  • Benefit offices
  • Repairs
  • Homecare
  • Nurseries
  • School support
  • Registrars
  • Trading standards
  • Leisure centre
  • Waste collection recycle
  • Housing offices
  • Libraries and Museums
  • Care for older people
  • Supporting people with disabilities
  • Any staff whose role routinely involves dealing with the public and delivering customer service

The Customer Service Professional courses are a group of nationally recognised qualifications, accredited by SQA at 3 levels: Award; Certificate and Professional Development Award (PDA).

Each qualification provides learning in the distinct context of local government.

This unique suite of qualifications provides a competitive edge in the training of local government employees as they are:

  • based on a light touch approach with assessment and assignment rather than portfolio
  • offered in a blend of supported flexible delivery methods
  • portable across Scottish local government and the public sector, and
  • crucially fit for purpose.

Working in an electronic environment increases dependency on information, how it flows, who receives it and its relevance. The delivery of information to the desktop creates an ideal avenue for focussing considerable attention and resources on developing a strong employee brand.

A strong employee brand is created through good training and development opportunities and worklife balance ethic. The new Customer Service Professional courses take this into consideration and provide:

  • Flexible access through the Internet at any time, any place;
  • Remote learning but with added support when needed;
  • Capabilities to work at a candidate’s own pace;
  • Online Assessments with immediate results.

In conjunction with the Improvement Service, Renfrewshire Council is the lead Council who will oversee central administration for the qualifications as well as registration, quality assurance and support.

Support will come in a number of formats:

Induction workshops – These are available for candidates, learning coaches, local co-ordinators and invigilators within organisations to introduce the qualifications, to provide a range of support and learning materials to supplement what will be available via the online learning management system, to set out the assessments and delivery model.

Support and Learning Materials - these are all available within the online Learning Management System.

Evaluation - to keep the resource fresh and relevant, opportunities will be available to gather and evaluate feedback from candidates, learning coaches and other key stakeholders.

Feedback from the central administration point – Renfrewshire Council acts as the central administration point and can provide a range of services to all delivery centres to simplify registration, quality assurance, certification etc.